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   At Crino Music, we offer high quality repairs for individual customers and local schools. Our repairs are done by Duane Gilbert, Jon Fridmann, and Jeff Patz. Duane received a degree in Musical Instrument Technology from Morrisville College in 1979. He studied under Ron Saska, John Hales, and Tom Hosmer. After college, he spent a year studying guitar repair with Howard Needham. In December of 1980, Duane began working at Crino Music, and has been here since. He has trained many repair technicians through apprenticeships, including Charles Gray, and current repair technicians Jon Fridmann and Jeff Patz.


We do work on electric, acoustic and bass guitars. The services we offer include setting up any guitar, fretwork (if needed), adjustment of necks, basic electronics work, and installation of hardware.


We can do practically anything for your wind instruments short of refinishing. Our most common repairs include replacement of pads, fixing tenon corks, key corks, regulation adjustments, cleaning, replacement of springs, fixing bent keys, re-drawing logos, and treating the bore of wood instruments.


Our repair staff can do brass repairs and modifications. Common repairs include chemical cleanings, dent repair, pulling of slides and mouthpieces, soldering of braces, honing valves, aligning and removing dents on trombone slides, stringing of rotor valves, and regulating pistons/rotors.


We offer comprehensive string repair that is on par with many designated string shops. We do repairs such as closing open seams, bridge replacement, setup and adjustment work, fingerboard gluing and dressing, fitting of pegs, re-hairing of bows, installations of any instrument fittings including bridges, chin rests, soundposts, pegs, endpins, etc...

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