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Offering retail, repairs, lessons, rental services and much more, Crino Music is here to serve your musical needs. We sell instruments from ukeleles to euphoniums. Set yourself up with all the accessories you need to start gigging or playing in the concert hall. Need a tune up for your instrument? Come in and have it repaired by our knowledgeable staff. Learning something new? Rent an instrument or sign up for a lesson. Remember, music is the original social network!


Featured Products

Featuring both reissues and new semi-hollow designs of all sizes, D'Angelico Guitars are defined by their remarkable quality and tone. 

Known for the legendary sounds of the AC-30 and AC-15 amplifiers, Vox amplifiers are a choice for professionals.

We sell a whole range of Yamaha products from acoustic guitars to trombone slide lubricant; guitars, amps, electric pianos, band instruments, accessories...

An emerging band and orchestra instrument manufacturer. We have found their products to be consistent while still cost effective with products ranging from student to professional.

These instrument cases are favored by students and professionals. With all the extra carrying options of a gig bag combined with a lightweight woodshell case, what's not to love?

Drums and equipment defined through exquisite craftsmenship. We are always fully stocked with their top-of-the-line drum hardware. We also stock basic kits.

American drums that have defined a century of music. This company now offers professional quality kits and hardware to beginners all the way to professionals

Our most popular guitar brand from beginner to professional. When you buy a guitar from us our knowledgeable staff will set it up so it's ready to go!

For all your woodwind and brass needs. Order from us to find the best instrument for you for the best price. We offer repair services for all winds and brass.

Alvarez has been one of the leading guitar brands in the U.S. since the 60's. Known for their superior tone, feel and aesthetics, they are sought after by amateurs and professionals alike.

D'Addario is a supplier of string, percussion and woodwind accessories. It is the parent company of popular names such as Rico, Promark, Evans, Planet Waves.

We offer a wide selection of Peavey amps and PAs. We can help you find the best system for your needs. We do limited on-site installations of sound systems.


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